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Be a Coach: Service

Become a Wellness Coach

We understand that you want to help others. This course helps you help others improve in all aspects of their life; movement, health, nutrition, social and emotional.


As you progress through the course you will develop the knowledge and skills required to help others achieve the happiness that they are striving for; whatever that happiness may look like.

Enrol in this hands-on, innovative class and take part in a unique, challenging learning experience. We will help you learn the fundamental pillars of Health and Wellness within you and take those skills to develop a successful business for you and your future clients.

Our qualified and skilled tutors, mentors and master coaches serve as facilitators in the course, helping you explore the valuable resources. During the course you will learn the skills to enable you to become a successful coach and then put those skills in to practice so that once you are qualified you will be confident to put those skills into practice. 


Get in touch to learn more and get started.

Fitness Instructor

Become a Health Coach

Go to the Next Level

Health coaching can be defined as 'helping clients gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active participants in their care and life so that they can reach their self-identified health goals.'


Become the next generation of personal trainer.  Our course continues where all the other providers stop. Your journey starts with mastering the body and once complete you will learn the techniques and skills to help your clients achieve balance in all aspects of their life and learn why they are equally as important.

We combine the principles and knowledge that you require to help people with their exercise, health, wellness.


We have listened to personal trainers in the industry and added what you need to continue your progression in your career, or be the best qualified in the industry to provide the best support to your clients.

Become a Lifestyle Coach

An Exceptional Learning Experience

Choose a path that will enable you to help clients balance life issues and take responsibility for their own change.

A lot of successful PTs, know from years of working with clients that even the best fitness evaluations and strength, cardio and weight management programs aren’t always enough. The problem—life gets in the way.


Move Academy will teach you how to coach people through the challenges in life, keep them motivated and achieve their goals, whether they are physical, social, occupational, spiritual or emotional.


This coaching program touches on all of the pillars of health and wellness and teaches you how to keep your clients motivated and adhering to their programs by addressing the person as a whole and not just one component - exercise. We teach how to address all of the lifestyle issues that push fitness to the back burner. 

Outdoor Aerobics


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