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Fitness Consultant

Your journey to help others begins here. Move Academy will help you motivate others to succeed with their fitness goals

Dive right into this foundation course with help from our expert tutors. We will teach you the basics and get your journey in the Health and Wellness industry started. Our goal as trainers is to spark your curiosity and allow you to learn at your own pace and your own style. Get in touch with us to learn more or if your local come by for a visit.

Wellness Consultant

We understand that you want to help others. This course helps you help others in all aspects of their world; fitness, health, nutrition, social, emotional. Help others achieve the happiness we all are striving for.

A wellness consultant is a professional who assists clients in achieving and maintaining optimum wellness by advising them about healthy diets and exercise, as well as methods to cope with stress. A wellness consultant helps people to lead physically as well as mentally healthier lifestyles. We will help you learn how to be an experts at finding and suggesting simple solutions that your clients can incorporate into their daily life to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Reputed, well-established wellness consultants are highly sought after in communities and corporations across the country and Internationally. As a wellness consultant you will help your clients to lead a happier, healthier life, which means happier homes and happier workplaces.

There is a growing need for people with this skill in the community and around the workplace so contact us so we can help you get started. 

Health Consultant

The Next Step

Being a Health consultant is 'helping clients gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active participants in their own care and life so that they can reach their self-identified health goals.'

If you are interested in helping people improve their lives; get moving and set and achieve goals in many aspects of their lives but are not interested in becoming a fully trained and certified personal trainer, then this course is for you.

We will teach you the essentials that you will use with your clients to help them create change in their lives. You will learn about movement, nutrition, motivation, the body; anatomy and physiology that you will use in practical applications with your clients to help them achieve overall results in their lives. 

Be a Coach: Service
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