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Scholarship Application


The demand for Personal trainers across the industry is high and job prospects for Health and Wellness Coaches is rising so if you are passionate about motivating​ people to be the best version of themselves then there is no better time to start your new career.

The Global Wellness Institute released research confirming that the wellness industry is now worth over US$4.2 trillion. It is now three times larger than the worldwide pharmaceutical industry and is said to be one of the world's fastest growing, most resilient markets.

Health and Wellness is predicated to keep moving across the globe and in Australia and New Zealand.

Scholarships are now available; see if you are eligible by filling out the application below.


Your Journey: Welcome

Scholarship Application 

Please complete by answering the questions in the area provided below to apply for a Scholarship. 

Intense Training
Crossfit Exercise
What Program are you applying for?
How long have been interested in becoming a trainer or coach?

Move Academy is unlike any other provider of Personal Training, Health, Wellness or Lifestyle Coach Programmmes. Move Academy values and teaches on all of the six pillars of wellness to provide you with the greatest opportunity to succeed when you graduate. 


Because of your energy and determination to get ahead and be a cut above others,  Move Academy's Program is the perfect program for YOU. By enrolling into a Move Academy programme YOU will gain the skills and knowledge to become an internationally accredited Health, Fitness and Wellness Specialist. 


Imagine working where you want and when you want and above all to be your own boss. Our Training and Coaching programs are tailored towards those who want to be leaders in their field. Be another level above other Coaches or Personal Trainers in the industry. Train with Move Academy!

'The moment you decide on a goal to work towards you are a immediately a successful person'

Earl Nightingale

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