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Become a Wellness Coach

Wellness Coaches help people become happier. Wellness coaches work with people who may already be generally happy with their lives but which to reach their potential in specific areas of their lives. Wellness is about optimal well being which covers the five elements which include intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual. 

As a Wellness coach you will help your clients find success and satisfaction from their job, exercise or lifestyle. You will help your clients develop their overall strengths and abilities and help them make better general choices to fit their lives.

As a wellness coach you may help clients on: 

- guidance on moving forward with a career choice

- learning how to take advantage of their strengths and talents

- help your client make a major life decision

- help a client to achieve a work-life balance

- decrease their amount of stress

increase activity and movement to increase health

- achieve goals and milestones

Wellness Coach

What will I Learn

Wellness coaches help their clients find the motivation and tools to get to their physical and emotional health goals.

Within the program you will learn principles of fitness, exercise and health, including anatomy and physiology, programming, delivering and supporting clients, nutrition and digestion, promoting wellness, and engaging communities, customer service and sales and marketing. 


Tutors at Move Academy will go out of their way to engage their students and inspire them to enquire and learn. We will ensure you have all of the practical and coaching skills to help clients succeed in their goals whatever they may be. 

Enrol in this hands-on, innovative class and take part in a unique, challenging and rewarding learning experience. Our qualified and skilled tutors and mentors serve as facilitators in the course, guiding students through exploring and individual learning. 

Study Online

How you will Learn

Dive right into class with one of our expert master coaches. This course is online and fully flexible.You'll access all your course materials through our online learning environment that you can access at any time, from anywhere that has an internet connection. Your course materials have been specially designed for distance learning by experts, and you can work through them at your own pace.

Support - You’ll be assigned a master coach who'll be with you from enrolment to graduation. Their support is unlimited and you can contact them by phone, email or via the Student Community. They’ll answer any questions you have about coursework, study materials, assessments and exams, and help you work through any part of the course you’re stuck with.

Our goal as educators is to spur our students’ curiosity and allow them to learn at their own pace. Get in touch with us to learn more

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Nutriton - Wellness Coach
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Wellness Coach
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