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Become a Personal Trainer

Do what you love and help others

Want more information, please leave your details for more information and how we can get you started. 

Make a living doing something you are passionate about

Just wanted to say a big thank you; I'm, super grateful that you helped push me through the program. It's my 5th week as a personal trainer in my local club and I'm already on 13 clients!!

I still have a way to go bit I can't thank you enough. Patrick R

Become a Personal Trainer Today

Earn a Personal Trainer certification that can get you into this growing $3 trillion industry. The health and wellness industry is continuing to grow with facilities across the country looking for trainers to help people make a change in their lives.

You could have a position in your local club by the time you are qualified. 

Start earning money within months

Bobby trained within Les Mills during his learning which secured him a job when he finished his qualification.


Practical learning that gets you out of the classroom and into the club, practicing and building confidence needed to succeed.

This could be you; Start earning money the day after you graduate!

Here's why we're excited to enrol you in our Personal Training Program

After spending years in the industry we have listened to the personal trainers that feel like they should be offering more to their clients. And they want more themselves. A brand new course and learning platform gives you all the knowledge to succeed and allows you to study when you have time, from wherever you are. Become a personal trainer in your free time. 

The Health and Wellness sector is expanding!

The “Well Economy” shows no signs of slowing. This means more opportunities for you to do what you love. There’s an ever-growing connectivity in the minds of consumers between the various aspects of their lives; you can help to share this knowledge; spend you day helping people.  We teach you all aspects of the body so that you can share and teach others to live a healthier life. 


The programs are internationally recognised

The program will allow you to register with REPs NZ and/or IICT. This allows you to work and travel around the world with your new qualification. Work in a fitness facility in Australia, a community centre in New Zealand, a cruise ship on the Pacific, or a royal family in Dubai; if you can dream it, the job could be yours!  Your success is about you and your attitude but we are working hard to give you the best start that you can get. 


PT qualification is the building block for further opportunities

What about becoming a Heath or Lifestyle Coach? The personal training qualification is the building block for our Health Coach and Lifestyle Coach qualification. Once you complete your personal training qualification you can start training clients and work in the health and wellness industry while you train towards your coaching qualification. This will allow you to get clients, practice what you are learning and be well established in your business once you have successfully completed the entire program. You could potentially earn back your tuition fees in one month with your new clients!! How fantastic is that?

Crossfit Exercise

Why it's a great time to become a PT

Move Academy is able to offer you opportunities to you to begin your personal training program. There has never been a better time to take advantage of the opportunities that we have available to you to start your learning for your new career.

Talk with us to see how we can get you started towards your dream of becoming a personal trainer. 

I got my personal training cert first, followed by the Health Coach cert. I think that they work very well together and now I can't imagine my job without both.  The exercise and human body knowledge combined with how to understand people's behaviour was very valuable.  I am treating the "whole" person when I work with my clients and this course taught me that.  Christine B

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