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The new Role of Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching isn’t “new” it’s been a piece of the puzzle for quite some time but it is finally gaining some momentum. The past 3 years - and especially the past 12 months - have brought rapid and notable changes to this industry.


Many people, when they think about wellness only think about nutrition and exercise but wellness is so much more. Wellness looks at the entire individual. Effective wellness coaching addresses, life/work balance, sleep, relationship development, financial fitness, stress management, social involvement and much more. Wellness coaching, when done effectively, can get very personal. This personal connection along with the time spent together between the coach and client can lead to long term change and benefits.


“A” coach has shifted to “My” coach, as the relationship built between the individual and the coach is often the critical catalyst that both enhances engagement and drives outcomes. Many individuals will come into the coaching session with a topic in mind, but as a result of the discussion, will realize there’s a deeper issue at the core. For example, many people are not aware of the connection between sleep quality/quantity and exercise and healthy snacking patterns. They may see their snacking as a lack of discipline when in reality it’s due to poor sleep habits. The relationship-based approach allows the participant to get to the core more quickly.


Thankfully more and more people are looking for qualified and skilled people to help them with their Health and Wellness journey instead of going to their friend who has some fitness background for help. In order to get the best, lasting results you need to be or train with a well-trained coach. We have teamed up with the YMCA and IICT to ensure that our Coaches have the training and experience to help others fulfil their goals and get the results for their clients.

One size fits… ONE

Each individual has different histories, needs, goals and resources so we believe there is not a perfect coaching model that fits every person. We have created three programs with different focusses so that people can customize their learning experience which enables individual coaches with individual experiences to enter the industry. Coaching sessions can mean many different things; from regular face to face sessions, telephone sessions, an intensive weekend session with a six month follow up, or whatever works between a coach and their client.

Wellness coaching is an individual experience as we are all so dynamic and so many factors affect all of our lives. Coaching tries to address all of these concerns to get the best outcome for all.

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