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Podcasts ... a great way to stay motivated

We all know that we should actually pick up a book and read but reality is we most likely all struggle with actually achieving that. The good news is that podcasts provide hours of entertainment for the daily commutes, evening walks, at the gym or during long road trips.

And just because you're listening to the content rather than reading it, doesn't mean that you're being compromised from learning extremely insightful or hilariously entertaining information about, well, anything. Specifically, the health, wellness, and fitness podcast category is booming, and there's no shortage of shows related to fitness, nutrition, weight loss, health conditions, mental health, and much more. Choosing which podcast to dive into can be overwhelming, so we thought we would give you a few good ones to try.

Here are some good health and fitness podcasts that’ll keep you informed, entertained, and inspired to reach your goals.

Diet Starts Tomorrow, by Betches co-founders Aleen Kuperman and Samantha Fishbein, is all about navigating the health and fitness world with confidence and ignoring the stuff that doesn’t matter. With episode names like, “Wait, I Don’t Have To Be Killing Myself At The Gym?” and “Weight And Health Are Not The Same Thing,” it's easy for listeners to know what they're getting before they hit play.

Four fitness professionals come together for the Mind Pump Podcast to fill your brain with cold, hard facts. You may find yourself surprised when the Mind Pump hosts debunk a health myth you thought to be true—but you’ll be all the better for separating fact from fiction. The four hosts of the Mind Pump Podcast will challenge you to take a closer look at the beliefs you hold about health and fitness, and if you listen to this podcast as a beginner, you'll start your journey on the right foot (and with the right mindset).

If you’re a busy bee who still wants to make time for a fitness podcast, the 20 Minute Fitness Podcast by Shape Scale is a great place to start. This podcast highlights important fitness topics, such as injury prevention, exercise burnout (a.k.a. overtraining syndrome), hydration, and fitness nutrition. You’ll also hear from big-time industry experts, like Shaun T and Brian Keane, which is a great way to get motivated as a beginner.

This is just a small sample to get you started...have fun

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